Still standing


No smoking

Breaking Loose

Up and away



Tree Tuesday AND New Years Eve; what a treat! :)

Waterfall, slow shutter speed


It was a cold and windy day with the occasional shower and I was tired after a long hike. I composed and exposed in a hurry.

Lesson learned: If I take the trouble to carry a heavy camera plus tripod for tens of kilometers up and down mountains, it’s well worth to sit down, have a cigarette and give it some thought before I press the shutter release. It could have been a great image. Even with a waterfall at slow shutter speed.

Old Lady Photographs Old Man Hitting Boy


I spent much of my summer vacation in Oslo this year, in parks or outdoor cafés, coffee, cigarettes and camera in hand. This and the previous three posts were made with a Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Ic that I found among box cameras, Agfa Clacks and a lot of rubbish that fell into my hands. The meter was out, but apart from that, the camera was in excellent condition.

TLRs can be good tools for street photography: You don’t have to make eye contact with your subject, it’s fairly easy to zone focus, and the shutter is very quiet.

This is from the Vigeland sculpture park. This particular sculpture is called “Old man hitting boy”. I often waited for something to happen by the sculptures. Two of my other posts, Pose and Tails, are from that park.

I used long expired Kodak T-Max 100 film, but with a little extra developing time, it came out all right.


Kitchen Sink Memorial


Reykjavik Concert Hall (Harpa)

24/7 10-11



(Reykjavík 2013. Zeiss Ikon ZM, Carl Zeiss C-Biogon 2,8/35, Fomapan 200 @ 160 in Rodinal.)


Portrait of an Old Plant



Unfortunately I don’t have green fingers. My plants normally die within a few months in my care. This fellow, however, has been with me since 2005. It barely survived my one-year leave of absence abroad, but it came to life again and keeps on growing. It has become a dear friend.

Had this image been in colour, you would have seen that the bottom leaves are more yellow than green; it’s not a very decorative plant anymore, but I think that such a persistent being deserves to live and be well cared for. Do you know what kind of plant this is and what it needs to thrive?

I have decided that when it eventually dies, I will make the stem into a frame, print an image of it and let it live for another decade or two on the wall.

Wooden Landscape

Early Morning


I think of an early morning
silence (perhaps it’s Sunday)
cold, moist air through an open window
coffee and cigarettes
drowsy thoughts, trying to understand:
which of my days will this be?

Steps and Spindles

Summer’s Day


Should I compare thee to a summer’s day, it wouldn’t be this one.

Curious calves

2012-032-30 2

2012-032-31 2

Beautiful animals, aren’t they?

(Nikon FM3a, Nikkor 45mm 2.8P, Fomapan Creative 200)

Feeling good


It’s a new dawn,
It’s a new day,
It’s a new life for me
And I’m feeling good.



It’s out of focus, I know, but there really was no time to focus before the moment was gone.

(Zeiss Ikon Contina (10.0626), Tri-X in HC-110.)


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