Tourists in Carcassonne

Tourists are everywhere, and they are very likely to get in your way in popular sites, like here in Carcassonne, France. But when almost every bit of the site is photographed from every angle already, the tourists often make the most interesting motifs. (Carcassonne, 2011. Nikon FA, Tamron 28mm f/2,8.)


3 thoughts on “Tourists in Carcassonne

  1. Agreed, I really like the touch that the tourist adds. Other people seem to be messing around in the background, and who knows what this tourist is daydreaming about. Maybe storming castles :)

    It provides a neat mix of modern and ancient times, and the black in white as a finish touch to the mixture is lovely.

    • I’m glad you liked it! I roamed about for a long time trying to get ‘medieval’ pictures, but these, with the tourists, are the best ones. I should follow your example and start working with photoshop; perhaps I could make the tourists a bit more visible.

  2. Photoshop helps a lot with dodging and burning functions, but I think your picture here really stands on its own. The lines of the walls and where they meet, plus the bright light on that one particular tourist’s shirt really bring our attention to that person. I’m no photoshop expert but I say that photo of yours is gorgeous in it’s own right :P


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