I have learned a lesson

Some years ago I travelled in Portugal. I brought my camera, of course, a swell little Nikon FM3a with 105mm and 24mm Nikkor lenses. I also brought my digital point and shoot.

After a day of exploring and shooting in Lisbon, we headed for a restaurant, not very far from one of the main squares. On our way there, two guys approached us, knives in hands, and that was the last time I saw my dear camera gear.

I don’t bring my best camera gear when I’m travelling anymore. Instead I’ve bought some decent secondary gear. I ended up buying a Nikon FA and some cheap glass.

I don’t make high quality pictures with my best gear, and I don’t make worse pictures with my secondary gear. What I need is a camera that is fun to use, along with some decent glass. The FA suits me just fine, and I can’t see any difference between pictures made with my old Tamrons and the ones made with my fine Nikkor jewels.

The lesson I learned was that camera gear doesn’t matter all that much. I get by with almost anything, as long as it has aged well.

I never replaced the digital camera, by the way. It was my first and perhaps last digital camera. Why? I’ll write about that some other time.

I’d be thrilled if someone stumbled upon the gear that was stolen from me in Lisbon. Look for a silver Nikon FM3a no. 246204, a Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 no. 850993 and a Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 no. 426222. There is a reward…


3 thoughts on “I have learned a lesson

  1. Hello and thanks for visiting my blog :) How strange, we’re planning a trip to Lisbon soon and I’m thinking about getting a cheap digital camera to back up my Lubitel, for those spontaneous shots… totally with you on the costly gear.. you don’t need to spend a fortune! Nice if you can, or if it’s your main source of income.. here’s wishing you a future of great photograpy and positive experiences!

    • Thank you, soopafish! I’ve had lots of fun since that experience. And money have trickled in enough to upgrade the scruffy old Tamrons and Sigmas into Zeiss glass. You’re right, it’s very nice! Even I can see a difference. But I still use those half broken, scratchy oldies a lot.

      The Lubitel looks great! I hope you have fun with it in Lisbon. It’s such a wonderful city. There’s a LOT of light there. I look forward to see the results!


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