Roll film really IS great!

Today, I’ve taken my first step into medium format photography. I bought a roll of Ilford Pan F on impulse and loaded it into an old Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta III that fell into my hands some time ago, and has been collecting dust on my shelf for some while. This camera has no meter, so I trusted the sunny sixteen and started to shoot in the neighborhood. I returned home after fifteen minutes (!) with twelve 6×6 exposures.

The worst part was to get the film onto the reel. I fumbled in total darkness for what seemed like an hour before I could put the lid on the tank. A piece of advice for new medium format photographers: Make sure you know how to do these things, before you enter the darkroom…

I followed Ilfords advice and developed in Rodinal 1+50 for 11 minutes.

The best part was to open the lid and take a first look at the negatives. Apart from composition and subject matter, which was pretty mediocre, I was astonished. Such quality! I knew that the difference from 35mm would be significant, but I never dreamed it would be anything like this.

It was also good to know that the camera, although more than 50 years old, performs brilliantly. I’ve read that the Novar lens that comes with some of these Super Ikontas (the others have Tessars) perform under par, but I couldn’t be more satisfied. (The manual describe them as “the world-famous” Tessar and “the time-tested, reliable” Novar.) And I can’t believe that the shutter still works so well! As I’ve mentioned before, anything will do, as long as it has aged well.

Sadly, I don’t own neither an enlarger nor a film scanner that can take medium format, but perhaps I’ll have it scanned at my local lab. I look forward to that. Who knows, I might post one or two frames from this film in near future.


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