My last 5 rolls of Tri-X?

There’s a lot of buzz these days that Kodak is selling more of the company and that we must say goodbye to Kodak films. Yet, according to the press release, Kodak “continues to own and operate the Consumer Inkjet, Entertainment Imaging, Commercial Film and Specialty Chemicals businesses, given the company’s expertise, capabilities and strong customer relationships in these markets, as well as their combined cash-generating capability”.

I’m very confused. My first reaction was to buy the last rolls of Tri-X from my local dealer (there were only five left), just in case. Can someone assure me that I can have my daily dose of Tri-X in the future?


12 thoughts on “My last 5 rolls of Tri-X?

  1. Welllll…

    Articles in Business Wire

    and Yahoo Finance

    seem to indicate this is so. Both articles seem to use the same Kodak announcement as their source, which doesn’t specific “film”, but the YF article notes that one of the divisions going on the block includes traditional photo paper and film products.

    This is a real drag.

    • A real drag, yes. They should have sold everything BUT the film, paper & chemistry division. Let’s hope good old Ilford will survive (touch wood!).

  2. I have a few thoughts on this. First, with the resurgence of popularity of film, it would be a bad time to completely leave the market. Second, even if Kodak does stop film production, film won’t disappear, just the Kodak film many of us swear by (though I prefer T-Max to Tri-X personally). Don’t get me wrong, I will greatly mourn the loss if/when Kodak ceases production but there are other films available.

    As a final note, if at some point in the future there is absolutely ZERO film available on the market, my plan is to go back to wet plate printing. With a touch of ingenuity (and a supply of raw chemistry) you can do photography without anything store bought.

    • Now, there’s one who plans ahead! :)

      I agree, it would be folly to cease production of films like Tri-X and T-Max, so my bet is that it will be business as usual with new owners, or that the emulsion patents are sold to other film producers and rebranded, like the Rollei branded Agfa emulsions. (“Ilford Tri-X” would make a dandy combination!)

      So no, I follow you, there’s no reason to panic. I did for a moment today, though.

  3. Yeah, it’s easy to panic, I did too, but as you said, an Ilford Tri-X would be nice!
    I’m thinking that it is important to support a company who knows their business, like Ilford, they concentrate on bw films, papers and chems, even though they do some other stuff to. I think Kodak is yelling over far to much the last decades. I truly love both T-max and Tri-X, they are my trusty saviors, but I’m willing to explore Ilford mre than I have done so far.
    When I had my own darkroom back in the days (hope to have one again, soon…) I used only Ilford chems and papers, so great!
    Thrilling to see what will happen with Kodak films…. Hope for a good solution!

    • Yes, Marie, I agree. Let’s support Ilford to secure the future of their business. HP5+ is supposed to be very similar to Tri-X and Delta to T-Max (am I right, no?), and there’s supposed to be an Ilford developer similar to HC-110 (Ilfotec HC, I believe). And then there are other alternatives too. Fompan 200, for instance, is wonderful, and wonderfully cheap (€ 2.76!).

      But I find it disturbing that more and more products disappear. Efke, for instance, just announced that they will cease production of photo papers.

      These last few years, the film market seems to have been an oligopoly, with Ilford and Kodak dominating it. If Kodak’s out, it will be more of a monopoly for Ilford, and I doubt that a monopoly will ever benefit the customers. So let’s support Ilford, but let’s also support the other producers.

  4. I read that they intent to sell it to some other producer, along with the brand name. Although tri-x is my favorite b&w, what I’m much more worried about is the future of portra and ektar as they do not have a worthy alternative, at least not for me.

    • Good to hear. I hope the future of their colour films is secured, too. I don’t shoot much in colour, but love Provia when I do. How is Portra and Ektar compared to Fujifilm?

  5. Provia and Velvia are slide films, whereas Portra and Ektar negative. Slide films are excellent, resolution and color are fantastic. My favorite is Velvia 100. Scanning slides right, though, is something i simply don’t manage to do. They are also quite expensive. As far as negative color films go, Fuji’s superia has a very different look from portra or ektar, and I much prefer kodak.
    I’m not an optimist about Fuji’s future either (in regards to film). With abandoning line after line of their films, I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time when the same thing happens with them.

  6. I think we just have to hope that whoever buys their film department will be dedicated to keeping it afloat, and not just having the patents and what not. It really is a shame what’s happening to the industry. There has to be some billionaire out there who is a film junky, and wants to start up a revival.

    • Perhaps we should explain the wonders of film photography to Donald Trump? I’m not sure I’d by Trump film, though…

    • Ha I don’t know… I’d do some questionable things to prevent film from disappearing. That would be pushing it though.


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