Isle of Odd II

The small natural harbour lies quite protected; storms from the East are rare.

The skerry Pysa is as far South as one can get in Norway.

Mooring bollard & lantern.





3 thoughts on “Isle of Odd II

    • You’re welcome! I was born and raised in an inland mountain region, so this was quite new to me. I love it! We sailed to the West coast of Sweden; perhaps I’ll post some pictures from there as well. I’ve already expressed my wish to sail to the Swedish East coast, perhaps next summer. Don’t you agree we should?

    • Oh yes, Stocholm has a fantastic archipelago, I think it is about 10000 islands. A long way around Sweden to get there, but if you’ve got the time, it is a fantastic journey. If you are well organized and have patience, you can go the Göta Kanal one of the ways, I think it’s about 100 locks before you come up to Stockholm….. An adventure within itself….. ;-)
      Please post some photos from the swedish west coast, it is so beautiful there.


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