Being a medievalist, I was excited to see that I got the pointed index finger right in this frame; it’s common in medieval iconography. It may symbolize speech or a call for attention, and is often used as an index mark (a so called manicula – see this excellent example) to bring the readers attention to a certain part of a text in a manuscript.

This is also my first attempt to manipulate a picture digitally. There was a third person between these fellows. It didn’t feel right, and I promise never to do it again. Maybe.

This was the original version:

(Leirvik, Norway 2010. Zeiss Ikon “ZM”, Carl Zeiss Biogon 2,8/28. Some kind of colour positive film.)

6 thoughts on ““Listen!”

  1. I like the finished image — even if you did cheat! =D Just kidding. You were right to remove that third head.

    (Any time I feel even a remote twinge to try some digital tweaking, my husband guilts me with “Y’know, Stalin would have loved that…” )

    • =D Good point! I feel bad for beheading the poor fellow, but he did at least not end up in a Gulag camp.

      Thank you!

  2. Love your discussion here :-D
    I agree with Luddy, in this case it was a good thing to do!
    I think it is good to take advantage of the hybride workflow, if we can and must.
    I recently made an image for a good friend of mine, her son is getting married and she wanted an image with illustration to a special piece of text that she loves and want to give to her son and his wife to be. So I took a wonderful negative in bw, scanned it and worked in PS with layers and textures, it became really beautiful.
    And I am satisfied to know that the origin is photographed with film. I think it is good to be able to choose what I want to do.
    And you surely made the image better!
    Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks, Marie! I scan all my negs and crop and adjust the levels, but that’s how far I’ve taken it, after the principle “what can be done in a darkroom, I do in Gimp.” And I sure don’t know how to behead anyone in the darkroom (provided I don’t bring a guillotine, of course).

      But you are right: let’s take advantage of the tools that are available and have fun with our strips of film!

      Have a lovely (and fruitful photographic) weekend!

  3. Not being a visual artist-or at least a work in progress one-I think that you should manipulate all you want, Steal, cheat, lie, take, copy, ransack, I’m a poet and believe ‘Good poets borrow, but great poets steal.” I used to do collage work and assemblages and took whatever was avaiable and changed it to suit my needs. There are no new ideas and Shakespeare said it all, but there are always new ways of seeing something. Go to Pinterest and just browse-there’s alot that looks the same but you would be amazed at the variety of visual expression and the things people do to achieve their individuality. KB

    • Some great advice there, thank you! Does ‘steal, cheat, lie’ apply to life in general, do you think?


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