Fair and square

After three rolls with the Super Ikonta last week, I came to think about how much easier I thought it was to compose in the square format. I did some research on the Internet and found some confirmation on this.

A couple of writers suggests that one should try to remedy rectangular mishaps by cropping them square. I tried this last night. I turned some rectangular mishaps into square ones, but I think this looks nice. Or better, at least.

This is cropped from less than 1/8th of a 35mm frame, hence the grain.

(Akershus Fortress, Oslo. Contax S2b, Carl Zeiss Distagon 2,8/35.)


7 thoughts on “Fair and square

  1. You should start keeping your eye out for a cheap TLR, so you can shoot a 6×6 square negative. I’ve seen people whose photographic mind worked a lot better in a square format, so they went that direction.

    • Yes, perhaps a TLR. I have never used one, but have always wanted to try. The Super Ikonta III that I own is also 6×6. I like the compactness of folders. Do you prefer TLRs to SLRs or folders?

    • TLR and SLR both have advantages. TLR = portability, simplicity, and it’s unobtrusive since people aren’t used to seeing them and you shoot at your waist, SLR = familiar style of use, which can make the process more intuitive, and you can achieve a more diverse number of styles since you’re not restricted to shooting at your waist. That said, there’s the phrase, “the best camera is the one you have with you,” so just shoot with your folder, and if you decide you want a TLR or SLR, you can be more patient and make sure you’re getting a deal. If you see one, just pick it up and try focusing with it and see which process you like more. I shoot 6×4.5 on an SLR and enjoy it a lot, but I know people who prefer TLR.


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