Migrating stones

Some stones are not happy being parts of a mountain. Occasionally they free themselves and undertake long and solitary journeys. Nobody knows exactly where they are heading, but some believe they just want to see the ocean.

(Zeiss Ikon, Carl Zeiss Biogon 2,8/28. Rollei Retro 80s in Rodinal.)




10 thoughts on “Migrating stones

    • Thanks, James! I just realized I have a project! My sense of language tells me I might have gotten the title wrong, though; would it be more right to call them ‘rocks’ rather than ‘stones’?

  1. The pictures a great. But your blub was great. I wanted to let you know I’m going to steal that opening phrase one day for a poem. I would make a great opening or a great vclosing image. Also, if you want to use ‘rocks’ drop the ‘Some’ and read ‘Rocks sometimes are not happy…’ But Some stones can work–though stones implies a small scale rock.

  2. Some rocks were not meant to be
    Parts of mountains. Like instinct
    They constantly find ways
    To be moved, letting slivers and chips
    Crack off and pebble the route
    Behind them, back to where
    They started from, as if knowing
    That others would find a trail
    Useful in their migration to the sea.

    I couldn’t resist it. KB

    • Thank you, that’s wonderful! You turned a very bad day into a good one.

    • You are very welcomed. It was my pleasure-as language married to images always is. I believe done well they act the way a metahor does. There is the thing and the language used to promote the thing-yoked together they create the essence of the idea and that creates a third layer of meaning. KB


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