On the Street Where I Live



I never realized street photography was that hard. I spent a whole day and three films in a crowded street this summer. I thought I had captured many a great moment, but was very disappointed once I had processed the films. One thing is to capture an interesting moment, another thing is to compose and focus in a very short time. It takes much skill to capture the right moment.

I’m unfortunately not there yet, but have a look at Claire Atkinson, for instance, or The Street Photographer Blog. I wish I had half of these peoples talents.

These shots: Zeiss Ikon ZM, Carl Zeiss Biogon 2,8/28. Fomapan 200 in Rodinal.


7 thoughts on “On the Street Where I Live

  1. You didn’t do so bad. I can’t speak from experience, because I’ve done very little street photography, but I think some of the more successful street photographers use zone focusing to eliminate that lag that manual focusing can create. It requires a lot of time spent with your camera to get to the point where you can use it effectively though I think.

    • I did zone focus: It was a bright sunny day, so even though I used ISO 200, I could go up to f/8 or f/11, giving me a focus zone from about 2 meters to infinity. I’m not too happy about the sharpness. Perhaps the shutter speeds were too slow. So yes, I have to spend more time with the camera and that particular lens. Thank you for commenting, James!

  2. This is good! I think the hardest thing is to capture that unique moment, and you did that!!
    You can always crop it afterwards and get a better comp.
    Right now there is a huge exhibition on Fotografiska in Stockholm with images from Christer Strömholm, a very famous photographer in Sweden. And he always did that, cropped. He saw the moment, shoot it, saw details in his negatives which he made world famous images of.
    So let go of the composition, just catch the moment! :-)

    • Thank you, Marie! I’ve been to that exhibition. It was immensely inspiring to see the works of Strömholm, but also Kenneth Gustavsson. I don’t mind cropping, but I messed up with the focusing, too, and then it doesn’t help much to crop :)

  3. I think street photography is difficult because we feel we’re intruding. It really takes practice to get over our own inhibitions and do it well.

    These look good, and I would bet there are other good ones in the set, even if you think they’re not. :-) Sometimes we just have to take a step back from our own work.

  4. I think you’ve done great.

    From my experience street photography is really hit and miss and I think there’s a lot of luck involved, good and bad.

    Zone focusing has been a great technical help, guessing distances from experience and or pre-focussing. I like using an old Russian Zorki 4K rangefinder with a 35mm lens and an external viewfinder; the VF is so bright it make composing easier but its still a gamble.

    If it’s not something you normally do I’d say keep doing it, it’s helped me be more confident with my cameras and in other types of photo making.


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