Tree Tuesday: Crow Tree


It’s the very same tree as in this and this post. I like that tree a lot. (Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?)

This was made a couple of years ago with a Nikon FM3a and a 70-210 mm zoom lens, hand held. The grain suggests fast film, probably Tri-x, probably Rodinal.

I have been very busy lately and have not been able to update this blog as often as I’d like to. Rather than scanning I’ve spent time making prints. I hope I can find time to do both soon. I appreciate every visit and comment. It motivates me and gives meaning to what I’m doing. Thank you! (Oh, and happy Tree Tuesday!)


4 thoughts on “Tree Tuesday: Crow Tree

  1. It is a fantastic tree, no wonder the crows like it!
    I will soon have the same “problem” as you have… As soon as my darkroom is completed, I belive it will take most of my time, and blogging will not be that often, but let’s hope there will be “enogh” time for everything….
    Happy Tree Tuesday! :-)

    • Thank you, Marie. I hope you find time to do both. But I also hope you spend a lot of time in the darkroom; your pictures deserve to be printed!

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