Mary Ellen Mark in Oslo


Most of you know the American photographer Mary Ellen Mark, I should think. (If not, check out She held a book signing in Oslo during the DOKFOTO documentary photography festival in February, and I was there. I brought my copy of “Extraordinary Child” (a wonderful book with images from schools for disabled children in Reykjavík) and bought a copy of “Ward 81”. Amazing photography! We had a very brief chat about Iceland, and as you can see, she likes that country a lot too. Iceland forever!


The number of Leicas per capita was very high in the book shop that day. I brought the Zeiss Ikon and a Soviet Jupiter-8 lens, and despite being heavily star struck, I managed to hold the camera still enough to make a couple of frames. What I didn’t manage, though, was to rewind the film before I opened the back; I was so excited about the whole situation that I forgot. Luckily I had an extra roll of Tri-X in my pocket and was able to get a couple of non-fogged Mary Ellen Mark frames.


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