Portrait of an Old Plant



Unfortunately I don’t have green fingers. My plants normally die within a few months in my care. This fellow, however, has been with me since 2005. It barely survived my one-year leave of absence abroad, but it came to life again and keeps on growing. It has become a dear friend.

Had this image been in colour, you would have seen that the bottom leaves are more yellow than green; it’s not a very decorative plant anymore, but I think that such a persistent being deserves to live and be well cared for. Do you know what kind of plant this is and what it needs to thrive?

I have decided that when it eventually dies, I will make the stem into a frame, print an image of it and let it live for another decade or two on the wall.


5 thoughts on “Portrait of an Old Plant

  1. Ficus Elastica or Ficus Robusta. What it need, I don’t know, they just die more slowly than others, sorry…
    Try to cut it just over a leaf a bit down, give it more soil and put it light. And, some water once a week.
    Good luck! :-)

    • Thank you! It’s got to be either one, and from what information I can find, my Ficus hasn’t been treated very well. I’ll try to cut it as you prescribe and move it to a less drafty window. Thanks Marie!

  2. How nice that you show it in b/w, to show its shape more than its colour. I’m not an expert here, but I think the previous commenter is on a good track, some kind of ficus. It’s amazing when a plant gets a grip on us and we start thinking of how to preserve it if/when one day it gives up. I have such a plant that I cherish, I shared the story about it earlier here: http://galeriaredelius.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/engagement/ So, let’s do our best, right, and if one day we fail, we have the back-up of wall art or jewellery ;-). I enjoyed this post!

    • I also have a couple of Schlumbergera truncatas, by the look of them not for very much longer, and it doesn’t seem to be any engagement coming up for quite some time; a friend of mine told me that these plants like to be forgotten, so I have. Perhaps I should put a couple of stems in a coffee cup. Your Schlumbergera story is wonderful; thanks for sharing!


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